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Target Goal: $25,000

Spread the much-needed message of peace to MILLIONS worldwide.

The Goal

Raise $25,000 for PEACECAST 2014 - a worldwide broadcast showcasing peacemakers, musicians, artists, filmmakers, and poets around the globe.  Each dollar you give will prove the funding to allow 50 more people across the planet to tune in and appreciate the possibility of peace.


About PEACECAST 2014:

From the PeaceCast team: "We're PeaceCast, an international team of volunteers who have gotten behind the message that peace is real and peace is possible.  This Peace Day, September 21, 2014, we'll be celebrating with our third worldwide webcast.  We invite you to play a part in this effort.  Your support will ensure that countless people from every region of the world will be able to experience PEACECAST 2014."


Peace is possible. Peace is worth it. You are worth it. It's Time To Speak Your Peace.

For more see the PeaceCast website here.


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